Corporate Partnerships

Attention Real Estate Firms, Insurance Companies, Banks, Large Franchises!
You are going to love this!

We created the Corporate Partnership to meet the needs of any company interested in taking control and automating their printing needs. With this partnership, an user-friendly system is available for every employee in the company to customize the company design templates online whenever they need to refresh their supply. With a one time set-up fee, our Corporate Partnership allows your company to coordinate and build a strong company image hassle-free.

Using the Together Production website as a base, you can use a customized version as a printing portal for your employees! Under templates is where you will store your company templates with the freedom of creating as many as you like and the convenience of our regular templates available for use as well. Our DIY CREATOR and concise ordering archive are the main tools your employees will use to customize and reorder their cards.

Let us break it down for you real simple:

*Fast turnaround
*24 / 7 access to customize company templates
*One time set-up fee for unlimited prepress and file set-up services with uploaded templates
*A fully customizable streamlined online printing portal so employees can order from anywhere
*Products shipped right to your door
*Blind Shipping

Easy and Quick! Just register as a general member and email us to let us know your interests. We will reply within one business day with our terms and conditions to become a Corporate Partner. Once you agree, we will set up your corporate account for you!

Membership Fees
$2000 one time setup fee covers the setup and customization of the website, and a thorough orientation, where we personally go through the entire process with you, covering topics like setting your commission to maximize profit. A small hosting fee of $24 will be charged annually. This may change from year to year depending on inflation.

There are two initial set up fee price levels are available to further your customization as a partner:

Basic: $2000
Excellent if you already have your own print ready template or are comfortable with creating your templates with the DIY CREATOR.
Custom Template Designed by Together Production: $3500
(Includes 1 design for business cards, letterheads, envelopes, and presentation folders.)
No unified company collateral established? Don’t worry.
We can design your custom templates for you so that you can have a unified identity across the entire company.