Executive Partnerships

WHAT IT IS We created the Executive Partnership to meet the needs of anyone interested in reselling print. Successful Resellers generally are print brokers, graphic designers, creative agencies, retail printers, and business supply retailers.
Let us break it down for you real simple:
*Use of our streamlined efficient online ordering website and ordering system, branded under your company
*No transaction fees, merchant account fees, programming + construction of a website
*Wholesale pricing. You set the commission earned
*Fast turnaround
*Drop-shipping convenience and Blind Shipping

Private Reseller Website As our Executive Partner, you are equipped with your own branded reseller website that utilizes the template of Together Production’s print website. Your private reseller website will become your own store front. Together Production protects your business; we do not place our brand in your private website in anyway. Covered under our umbrella, are the transaction fees, and merchant account fees that are involved in running an online store, and supply you with an already tested and successful retail website, saving you time and money in reinventing the wheel.

Another option we provide is to keep your existing website while integrating/embedding our useful price calculator/ordering system and DIY Creator. This will let you keep your website that you have spent time and money on, which your clients are familiar with, while investing in some very useful upgrades/tools.

Wholesale Pricing Executive Partners have the advantage of wholesale pricing, which is typically 10% or more off of Together Production’s already low prices. Since Together Production products are already so competitively priced, you’ll also want to factor in your time for creative development and other services you provide when you set up your own Reseller retail prices. Typically, these prices may be two to three times ours.

Drop-shipping Convenience and Blind Shipping Think shipping is a pain? Frustrated with the hassle of repacking and shipping products? Try our drop-ship service instead. Simply type in your client’s shipping information when you are placing an order. Together Production will ship the product directly to your client at no extra charge using unbranded packaging. We make no effort to directly solicit business from your clients.

Support In addition to the printing and shipping of your orders, we provide you with all the assistance that we would provide a retail customer. However, as an Executive Partner, you are responsible for your own client account services. We do not have contact with your clients in any way.

Registration Quick and easy! Just register as a general member and email us to let us know your interest. We will reply within one business day with our terms and conditions on how to become an Executive Partner. Once you agree, we will set up your reseller account for you!

Membership Fees $1500 one time setup fee covers the setup and customization of the website, and a thorough orientation, where we personally go through the entire process with you, covering topics like setting your commission to maximize profit. A small hosting fee of $12 or $24 depending on which option you choose will be charged annually. This may change from year to year depending on inflation.